A new protective device for

lab and healthcare personnel



Ampoule breaker

  • A safety device to prevent injuries from glass ampoules.
  • Captures sharp ampoule tips for safe disposal.
  • Protects fingers from cuts.


Ampoule breaker

Designed to provide an effective method for breaking glass ampoules that minimizes the risk of injury to personnel.



AmpSnap® captures the broken tip of the

 glass ampoule to eliminate the risk of injury to personnel handling the ampoule waste.





Fits 1-10 ml ampoules.

Place either side of the AmpSnap® over the tip of the glass ampoule.

Make sure the AmpSnap® completely covers the

top of the ampoule.

Break by placing the thumb at the bottom part of the AmpSnap®.


– for clean breaks.


The sharp ampoule tip is captured inside AmpSnap®.


AmpSnap® is made of eco-friendly PE.



About us

KanorPlast was founded in 1957 in Malmö by Kaj Nordström who anticipated the huge potential of producing plastic products – at that time a new construction material. The company is still a family-owned business operated in a modern factory in Vellinge, which is close to Malmö and Copenhagen


The production process is fully automated with 100% recycling of plastic waste. The production comprises details for a variant of branches. From industrial-, electrical- and electronics- to medical technical- and dental devices.


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